2018 Sunday Club Outing


When we were discussing where we might go and what we might do for the Sunday Club outing this year, the children were unanimous in their calls for a visit to the Highland Wildlife Park at Kincraig to see Hamish, the new Polar Bear Cub recently born there!  So on a glorious Sunday afternoon, after the Church Service, children, leaders and parents headed off down the A9, complete with packed lunches, to see if we would be lucky enough to get to see him.  We had a great afternoon looking round all of the animal enclosures, although some of them were hiding away in the shade out of the warm afternoon sun.  Hamish, however, didn't disappoint, as he and his mum came out of their hide and down to the edge of their pool just after we had arrived at the viewing platform.  Cub spotting mission accomplished!

Polar bear with cub        

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