Holiday Sunday Club Update


During the school summer holidays, we have a break from our usual Sunday Club format and Friends & Heroes materials.  Many of the children are away on holidays at some time, so we have fewer numbers and different children attending each week.  We choose a feature-length DVD that we watch in instalments over the summer, with some members of the congregation taking turns to supervise the children to give the Sunday Club leaders a break.  This summer we have been watching the first of the Narnia Chronicles, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

During the latter part of the holidays, in the lead up to our Holiday Club, we also try and involve the children in preparations for that.  This year, to coincide with the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, we are doing the 'Fit for a King' Holiday Club from 13th - 15th August.  As part of the preparation we need a 'crowd' for the stadium and the children have been busy this week making some paper plate faces to decorate the walls of the hall.

Paper Plate Faces

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