Missionary Family visits Sunday Club


On 10th January, David & Julie Rowbory and 3 of their little girls Rebekah, Elizabeth, Abigail, visited us at Sunday Club to tell us about their work as missionaries is Nigeria.  They have been home in Scotland for some months for the birth of their 4th daughter, Helen, but hope to be able to go back to Nigeria soon to carry on the work they do there for Wycliffe Bible Translators.  They told us a little of what life is like for them in Nigeria and the children were particularly interested in hearing how the girls are taught at home by their mum instead of going to a school.  

There over 500 local languages in Nigeria and David is part of a team helping to translate the Bible into some of them.  They taught us a worship song in one of the languages, which the children really enjoyed.  It was great for our children to be able to meet and talk to other children their age about what life is like in another country. We now have their address in Nigeria and hope to keep in touch with them once they go back.

Missionary family talking to children    Learning a Nigerial song

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