New Session of Sunday Club


Today saw the start of our new session of Sunday Club. Following the 'retirement' of Anne Miller and Elizabeth Mackintosh at the end of June, we are delighted to say that we have new leaders joining the team (more info in due course).  Today Amanda Rodgers came along to see what happens each Sunday and enjoyed her time with the children.

We had completed the whole three series of Friends and Heroes at the beginning of 2015 and had been having a break from this material, using a variety of other lessons, up until the end of the session in June.  Today we restarted Friends and Heroes back at episode 1.  As the whole series takes around three years to complete, most of the children who are now with us have not seen these first ones.  Our first lesson was on Daniel in the lions' den and the children made lion masks after watching the DVD.  These were to be used in a game, where one child sat in the middle as Daniel while the others prowled around in their lion masks.  They could roar and paw towards 'Daniel' but they were not allowed to touch him.  A fun start to our new session!

children wearing lion masks

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