New Sunday Club Session Begins


We have had a break from our 'formal' Sunday Club times over the summer holidays, watching part of a DVD each week.  First we watched 'Cool Runnings' - a comedy about the Jamaican Bobsleigh team.  One Sunday we had a fun craft morning making bobsleighs out of cardboard cups lolly sticks.  Next we watched 'The Miracle Maker' - an animated film about Jesus' miracles.  We will be finishing off that film this first week of Sunday Club and then moving onto a new programme.

We would be delighted to welcome new children to Sunday Club.  We gather at about 10.20am in the Church hall, go into Church for a short time at the start of the morning service and then come back to the Church hall for our activities, finishing around 11.30am.  So if you are looking for something different and fun to do on a Sunday morning, or if you know any children who are, please come along and join us.  You can contact myself, Fiona, at if you would like any more information.

Paper cup bobsleigh model

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