Sunday Club Update


During the October school holidays Sunday Club had a break from our usual teaching format.  The children who came along watched an animated video, Prince of Egypt, about the life of Moses.   We were also grateful to members of the congregation who looked after the children during those Sundays, giving the regular leaders a well earned rest.

On the last Sunday before school resumed, 26th October, we had a music and drama day.  The church praise band had kindly recorded some of the children's favourite action songs on a CD for us and we used that to sing along to.  The children enthusiastically joined in with all the actions.  They then had great fun acting out a jungle story about a treasure chest and finding the 'treasure' of working together and helping one another.

Next Sunday we will return to our Friends and Heroes and continue with their story and the Bible stories they retell each week.

Children with Jungle Drama masks

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