The Highlands Support Refugees - Donation Drop


There will be an opportunity, for members of the congregation, to provide urgently needed donations for individuals living in refugee camps which has come about by the displacement of people from war torn countries such as Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan and Eritrea. 

These donations will support the ongoing work of a group of volunteers, based in the Highlands, known as ‘The Highlands Support Refugees’. They are a group who ’believe that no person should be without access to basic human rights like shelter and warmth’ and by collecting donations they can work to improve these conditions for the refugees. They have already despatched 2 x 40ft containers to Chios (Greece), another to Dunkerque and are currently dispatching a 4th to Lebanon. 

Donations of items listed below can be dropped off at the church hall on: 
Friday 13th January 2.00pm to 4.00pm  and 7.00pm to 9.00pm 
Saturday 14th January 11.00am to 3.00pm 

Items to Donate 
• Small and medium sized adult clothing – the warmer and more waterproof the better. (No shorts or summer dresses but lightweight tops are good as these can be layered). 
• Babies and children’s clothes – the warmer and more waterproof the better. 
• Underwear (preferably new) – for all of the above. 
• Sturdy shoes – all sizes. 
• Sleeping bags and mats, blankets and babies blankets. 
• Babies bottles, nappies, nappy rash cream, baby wipes. 
• Disposable razors and shaving gel. 
• Shampoo and conditioner. 
• Toothbrushes and cases. 
• Toothpaste. 
• Hand sanitiser gel. 
• Body lotion. 
• Antibacterial soap and soap cases. 
• Facial tissues. 
• Deodorant. 
• Hair brush and comb. 
• Wash cloth/flannels. 
• Sanitary towels. 
• Incontinence pads. 

These lists will be posted on the noticeboard in the hall and on the church website. They will be updated regularly when new information becomes available. Maureen Patterson & Anne Miller

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