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Welcome to our Sunday Club Webpage. Here you can find information and news about what we are up to each week and what we have planned for the year. We meet together every Sunday in the Church of Scotland Hall at about 10.20am and go over to the Church, as a group, for the first part of the morning service, singing a couple of songs and listening to a short talk from the minister. Then it is back to the Hall for a mixture of DVDs, Bible stories, crafts and other activities until Church finishes at around 11.30am, when juice and biscuits are available. Each year we produce a calendar with all our activities for the session, including our regular Sunday Club dates, Holiday Sunday Club and family service times, special craft days, Christmas activities, annual picnic dates, etc.

View our Latest calendar or download it here:

Sunday Club Calendar 2017/18 Sunday Club Calendar 2017/18 (39 KB)

What we are Learning

Friends and HeroesIn past years we have used the Friends and Heroes series of animated DVDs, following the exciting adventures of Macky, Portia and their friends as they live out their Christian faith in the first century Roman World. The Friends and Heroes website has a special section with extra information and activities for children who are following the series – why not have a look at www.friendsandheroes.tv/.

Last session (2016-17), however, we have decided to take a break from Friends and Heroes and do something different.  We looked at the books of the Bible in the old testament and used some of the Scripture Union 'Light' material.  This session (2017-18) we will be starting a new programme of material, still to be decided.  Watch this space and we will let you know what we finally opt to use this year.

Where our Collection Money goes

Each week we encourage the children to bring a small collection to help those less fortunate than themselves. We use this money to sponsor a child in Guatemala, through the Adopt-A-Child programme. 

Her name is Neyda Braikilin Morente, she is 6 years old and he lives in the Quiche mountain area of Guatemala. Sponsorship provides Neydaphoto of Neyda, her brother, her mum and fiona Braikilin with two good meals a week, access to medical/dental care and Christian Bible teaching. Our Sunday Club children write to her several times a year and receive letters and photographs back from her. Sunday Club leader Fiona Mackay had the privilege of visiting Guatemala early in 2017 and was able to meet Neyda and her family for a short time.  The Sunday Club children had made cards and written messages for her and she was delighted with these, and the gifts that Fiona had taken for her.

To find out more about the Adopt-A-Child programmes, visit their website at www.adopt-a-child.com

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